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Lo and behold - our pizzas!

At Good News, we wholeheartedly embrace the ancient art of wood-fired cooking, and at the heart of our culinary magic is the Neapolitan pizza tradition. Our wood fire oven, with its roaring flames and smoky aroma, transforms each pizza into a masterpiece. The intense heat of the wood fire creates a leopard-spotted crust that's simultaneously crispy and chewy, infusing our pizzas with a unique flavor that's impossible to replicate. 

This Neapolitan-inspired method of cooking not only imparts a rustic charm but also enhances the natural flavors of our carefully selected ingredients, ensuring that every bite is a culinary journey you won't soon forget. At Good News, we believe that wood-fired cooking isn't just a technique; it's a tradition that elevates pizza-making to an art form while paying homage to the rich heritage of Neapolitan pizza.Trust us, it’s good enough to slam through slice after slice!

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